Pesto Of Pomodoraccio “Terra Maris”

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Pesto Pomodoraccio TerraMaris

When the summer comes and the unmistakable scent of basil inebria the gardens and the balconies of the houses, it always wants a good pesto to the Genovese.

Today we want to propose you a variant of this classic Italian recipe: the pesto of Pomodoraccio, just as greasy and simple to prepare.

Pomodoraccio TerraMaris

Importance is the choice of products. We rely on the unique quality and taste of our Terra Maris Pomodoraccio.


To prepare an excellent plate of pasta or simply tartas, this recipe can be adapted to every use. The leftovers can be stored in glass jars, possibly ready to be stored in freezers and frozen to savor fresh and summer tastes throughout the year.


Preparation: 10 minutes




  • 400 gr di Pomodoraccio Terra Maris;
  • 300 gr di of shelled walnuts;
  • 1 mazzetto di bacon of basil;
  • 20 gr di of pine nuts;
  • 20 gr diof desalination capers;
  • 1/2 chilli  (private of seeds);
  • 1/2 clove of garlic (private of the soul);
  • Salt;
  • Extra virgin olive oil Terra Maris.




  • Prepare all ingredients except basil and put them together in a or mixer or possibly in a mortar;
  • We keep the dried tomatoes rather soaked with oil, which will be flavored with some aromas;
  • Let’s start blending, until we get a homogeneous and creamy compound;
  • Now add the basil leaves, continue to shake for a few seconds;
  • We adjust salt;
  • We use the seasoning to taste, for tasty first courses or delicious tartas and bruschette;
  • We store the pesto in a sterilized glass jar, taking care to cover with a little extra virgin olive oil Terra Maris. This can stay in the refrigerator for 4/5 days, or be frozen and thawed a few hours before use.