Who we are

“You don’t have to be big for being great”

Europi srl operates on both the Italian and the International market as an established company in the production and marketing of a wide range of typical italian food products. Founded in 1996 by the Zannoni family, Europi srl has a long tradition in the production and marketing of typical high quality italian food products. The Passion for the good italian food has always characterized this family.
The grandfather of the current owner of the company, Francesco Zannoni, had long been in this field: the gentleman Bruno Zannoni was in fact the owner of the famous Zannoni bakery in Reggio Emilia, famous for being the inventor of the Reggianino breadsticks, a typical torcetto of the Reggio Emilia city food tradition.

The founding values of the company such as the creation of unique products, exclusive 100% Italian recipes, the care for quality and innovation have brought them in a short time in fifty countries of the world, exporting the quality of Italian food from Asia to the ‘Europe, reaching even the distant Laos.

There are three brands that join together at the Headquarter in Reggio Emilia:

Terra Maris®, a full range of preservers and typical italian food specialities: in jar, in tin, in aseptic bag intended for the Horeca, the large-scale Distribution and the Large-scale Organized Distribution channels;

Thody®, a selection of the best GMO-free fresh fruit from countries of origin, in jar and in tin;

Braglia®, high quality cured meat from the italian food tradition

Short chain, fresh processing, high quality are the flags of the company, determined to bring the true quality of Made in Italy food into the world without selling itself to any market logic, remaining true to themselves. In fact, it was not the idea to commercialize food products to push them towards this business, but the desire to create something new and unique in the Italian gastronomic panorama, keeping the feet firmly rooted on their own land, remaining coherent with their traditions, celebrating the Mediterranean cuisine.

From this desire the company created in 1998 the Pomodoraccio, an exclusive product invented by Mario Zannoni, using the best tomatoes for original and fantastic cooking recipies. The company Europi S.r.l. It is the only one to produce it by drying the tomatoes in the sun, leaving them to be caressed by the warmth of Southern Italy. it took two years of research to create this product, as the pasteurization needed to make the product last three years has been difficult to implement: in fact partially dried tomatoes continue to retain a certain level of water inside them, keeping them soft and tasty, achieving a stability between oil and water obtained after a long study on the production process.


from the passion for sport fishing of Mario Zannoni, Francesco’s father, the fish product line was founded, which main product is the Don Tonnino tuna, showing the picture of Mario Zannoni, grandfather of the current owner, on the label. Sicilian tuna of the highest quality prepared and packaged in Italy, far from the logic of an aggressive market based on the exploitation of fish resources.
The continuous pursuit of high quality standards, during al phases of the business management, is confirmed by the achievement of the ISO 9001, IFS, BRC certification.

Soon the product range has expanded to the creation of the other two brands of the company, Braglia for the highest quality cured meat and Thody for the fruit in tin. We season our hams, salami and bacon, paying great attention to food safety and quality, selecting the best meat. Thody has been a further success for the company, importing the Choice grade quality Pineapple from Thailand, the best pineapple in the world.